Our Mission

Seba mission is to create opportunities for the distressed disadvantage and deprived segments of the society with a prime.....


Our Vision

With a vision of a just enlighten healthy and democratic India free from the evil of gender discrimination illiteracy, secured hunger..



Seba governance board consists of seven Directors. The directors hold substantial experience in the field of Banking....



Seba has a very expert and experience management team. Management team hold good operational experience in Micro Finance....

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Hello we are Micro Finance Organization - Serve you better Work :

Women can play an instrumental role in crystallizing the sustainable development of the community at the micro-level as well as the society and the nation at the macro level. Hence we opine that it is the responsibility of all the development organizations to facilitate the women folk of the society in unleashing their intrinsic potency and facilitating them in the process of executing a seamless productive catharsis from the core of their cognitive constitution.

Since the onset of our journey from 28/3/2006, Seba-Rahara is making a planned, sustained and conscious effort for ensuring the socio-economic empowerment of the poverty-stricken women of the society. Our diligent mission aims at emancipating the women from the clutches of abject poverty. To translate our mission into tangible fruition, we are facilitating the women in the following ways:-

•    Enhancing their confidence and competence in developing self-help groups and ensuring group-solidarity

•    Facilitating them to leverage micro-finance from the Banks and other financial institutions

•    Fortifying them with advisory inputs regarding the incubation of micro-enterprises

•    Facilitating their endeavor in the promotion of their products through effective and result-oriented strategic intervention.

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As on : 28/02/2017


Sl. No. Particulars Achieve As on Feb,17 Achieve As on March,16
  Organizational Profile    
1 No. of States 2 2
2 No. of Division 1 1
3 No. of Branches 9 8
4 No. of District Covered 4 3
5 No. of Staff 64 60
6 No. of Credit Officers 30 30
7 No. of Block 11 10
8 No. of Village 409 392
9 No. of Groups 767 726
10 No. of Members 16536 14737
11 Borrowers 14037 13527
12 Margin/Security Money in Rs. Lakh 0 0
  Loan Portfolio    
13 No. of loan disbursed in this month 1340 2017
14 No. of loan disbursed during the year 13368 14518
15 No. of Cumulative Loan Disbursed


16 Loan disbursement in this month in Rs. Lakh 254.85 341.96
17 Loan disbursement during the year in Rs. Lakh 2415.43 2187.74
18 Cumulative Loan disbursement in Rs. Lakh 12346.61 9931.18
19 Loan Outstanding in Rs. Lakh (Own portfolio) 1464.53 1201.26
20 Amt of loan repayment due in this year 2166.26 1757.12
21 Amt of loan repayment received in this year 2155.40 1757.03
  Portfolio Quality    
22 Average Loan Size in Rs. 18069 15069
23 Repayment Rate (%) 99% 99.99%
24 Cum. Repayment Rate (%) 99.25% 99.99%
25 No. of Loan per Credit Officer 468 451
26 Amount of Loan per Credit Officer in Rs. Lakh 48.82 40.04
  Bank Loan Information    
27 Bank Loan received during the year in Rs.lakh 901.25 575.00
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A) We are happy to announce that SIDBI sanctioned a loan of Rupees 1 crore to us on 21st November 2012. This vividly reflects that we have been able to impress SIDBI by our integrity, transparency and professional competence in the sphere of micro-finance.

B. On March 2013, Access-Assist has rated our Code of Conduct. The process of rating was highly tenable, coherent and dispassionate.

C. It is a matter of honor and prestige that a premium institution like United Bank of India has joined us as a financial partner, in the financial year 2013-2014. They have sanctioned us a term loan of Rs. 241.15 lakh .

D. Appraising our impeccable track record Dena Bank joined us a financial -partner in the financial year 2012-2013. We take pride in announcing that this prestigious institution Dena Bank has sanctioned Rs. One Crore to us.

E. Indian Gramin Service has sanctioned Rs. 50 lakh to us on 21st June 2013. This has proved to be instrumental in bumping our spirit.

F. Keeping in mind the colossal importance of Social Forestry, we have distributed plants to 70 individuals.

G. Although we are ardent proponent of development, sometimes it is necessary to adopt welfare programs . Hence we have distributed clothes to the poor women on 25th December 2012.

H. Recently Seba Rahara has organized a camp at Vabagachi of Naihati . 82 women assembled over there. We tried to generate awareness among them regarding the instrumental role of SHG movement in the sustained process of poverty alleviation.

I. On 1st January 2013 , we organized a camp at Madhavpur . We distributed school uniform to the students who are hailing from families eclipsed by abject poverty. This was our humble effort to catalyze the furtherance of their academic pursuit .

J. Medical Camp : Under our sincere effort , a free medical camp was organized at Sibdaspur of Halisahar. Six distinguished medical practitioners of the locality, who are marked by their professional reputation, were kind enough to render their empathetic service . About 97 beneficiaries were treated in the camp with utmost care, concern and solicitude.


Congratulations to all Staffs & all well wishers of Seba-Rahara that we are now working in Katihar distt., Bihar State.

Sorry for the inconvinience


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