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Seba mission is to create opportunities for the distressed disadvantage and deprived segments of the society with a prime.....


Our Vision

With a vision of a just enlighten healthy and democratic India free from the evil of gender discrimination illiteracy, secured hunger..



Seba governance board consists of seven Directors. The directors hold substantial experience in the field of Banking....



Seba has a very expert and experience management team. Management team hold good operational experience in Micro Finance....

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Rina Ghosh & Seba-Rahara


Rina Ghosh with a low literacy level is not attuned with Bengali literature . But the saga of her life gives us the impression that she must have read the glorious novel " Adarsha Hindu Hotel" composed by the eternal novelist of our country Bibhutibhushan Bandyo padhyay . It appears that Rina Ghosh has been significantly inspired by the central character PADMA of the novel "Adarsha Hindu Hotel"

Rina Ghosh ( aged 32) is the wife of Ratan Ghosh a casual worker in the real estate sector. Being a House-wife , Rina used to take care of the domiciliary activities with immense meticulousness . There was dearth of affluence in the family, but there was no dearth of happiness in their small but peaceful abode .

Suddenly their family got eclipsed by the dark clouds of uncertainty. Ratan incurred severe injury , while carrying bricks in a real estate project . He fell down and his knees got badly damaged . The small corpus which they have saved took care of Ratan's treatment. Ratan earned recovery at a slow pace, but his productivity got significantly depleted. The medical practitioners advised that it is not at all judicious for him to get engaged with such an excruciating occupation in the real estate sector . Consequently the unskilled worker Ratan became a victim of redundancy.

At such a crucial juncture , Rina took the decision of emerging as the driving force to ensure the sustainability of her family . She joined the self-help group Kuheli orchestrated by Seba Rahara. Sheased took a loan of Rs. 7000/- and purchased utensils at first . Subsequently she took a small space near a busy bus stand at …………… on a rental basis . Esteemed readers, can you imagine the vision and strategy of Rina ? Very simple . Deploying her culinary expertise , she initiated a hotel for the local people , the daily passengers and the casual pedestrians .

Process went on. Seba Rahara has continually supported Rina's venture by disbursing successive loans of Rs. 9000/- , Rs. 11,000/, and finally Rs. 13,000/- to her at three successive phases . She was smart enough to repay our loan within the allotted time frame .

Today , Rina is running a successful hotel business. She is providing delicious breakfast ofg Kachuri aloordam , ghugni. At the lunch time , she serves a comprehensive meal encapsulating rice , pulse , vegetable , fish , chicken etc. At the tea-time, you will find her offering Bread-toast and fried egg. At dinner she serves hand-made bread and vegetable curry.

We salute Rina for her indomitable spirit , unfathomed diligence and invincible momentum. She carries on her unflagging effort to ensure the progress and prosperity of her endeared family.

Durga Pal & Seba-Rahara


She is a lady of 40 years hailing from poverty stricken populace. Her Husband Narayan Pal is carpenter by occupation. Their family encapsulates 5 members. Out of them one is minor, one is unemployed.

They were being driven by the aspiration of initiating a micro-entrepreneurial venture. However due to abject poverty and dearth of capital, their dream was not getting translated into fruition. The conventional banking system was not accessible to them. Amidst such a grim and morbid scenario, their aspiration was getting dissipated day by day.

Influenced by peer pressure, she joined the Self-Help Movement orchestrated by Seva. She became a member of the Self-Help Group Torsa. Leveraging a fund of Rs. 8000/- she initiated a micro-venture in pottery. Her creativity and diligence got amalgamated and facilitated the generation of exquisite clay products. The products designed and developed by her drew public attention. Gradually there emerged a demand for her product. She was circumstantially compelled to take the decision of enhancing her production level. At such a crucial juncture Seba-Rahara extended hands of cooperation to ensure the expansion of her business volume. She took a loan of Rs. 20,000/- from Seva. This amount was deployed as her working capital. She developed a bouquet of exquisite products marked by ingenuity and exclusivity.

Process went on in a seamless manner. She got the opportunity of organizing an exhibition of her products. Seba-Rahara once again emerged as the support provider. She took a loan of Rs. 12,000/- from Seba-Rahara and organized the exhibition. The visitors got highly impressed by creative flair. One of the visitors granted some production-assignments to her. This was an instrumental factor for enhancing the momentum of her business.

Today Durga Pal is running a pottery business which has ensured a steady annual income for her family. She fervently opines that Seba-Rahara has engineered a paradigm shift in her life. We are proud to facilitate her journey from oppression to empowerment.

AnowaraBibi & Seba-Rahara


Age: 36

Loan availed: Rs. 10000

Business : Vegetables

AnowaraBibi is involved in sale of vegetables. Before being associated with SEBA she used to take loans from her relatives for running her business. However as is inevitable, there were several incidences of misunderstanding which ultimately led to Anowara stopping this practice. Later on she came to know about SEBA and we stood by her side as "a friend in need" at that time when there was no one else. She started this business afresh with the loan availed from SEBA. Now she is self- sufficient with her business.

Sonali Chakraborty & Seba-Rahara


Branch: Barrackpur

Age: 34

Loan availed: Rs. 10000

Business: Sewing of readymade clothes.

Sonali Chakraborty of Halisahar came in contract with group 'Chapa' in 2010. With her 1st loan of Rs. 7000 she embarked upon a venture of starting sewing of readymade cloths for the neighborhoods. Over the years she has built a small house where she lives with her family. With her ambitious plan to enlarge her business she has increased her loan amount to Rs. 12000. In her own words, 'I thank SEBA for bringing about this dramatic change in my life'.


Seba Rahara