Our Mission

Seba mission is to create opportunities for the distressed disadvantage and deprived segments of the society with a prime.....


Our Vision

With a vision of a just enlighten healthy and democratic India free from the evil of gender discrimination illiteracy, secured hunger..



Seba governance board consists of seven Directors. The directors hold substantial experience in the field of Banking....



Seba has a very expert and experience management team. Management team hold good operational experience in Micro Finance....

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As on : 31/08/2017

Sl. No. Particulars Achieve As on Aug,2017 Achieve As on March,17
  Organizational Profile    
1 No. of States 2 2
2 No. of Division 1 1
3 No. of Branches 10 9
4 No. of District Covered 4 4
5 No. of Staff 64 64
6 No. of Credit Officers 32 30
7 No. of Block 25 12
8 No. of Village 531 415
9 No. of Groups 835 771
10 No. of Members 16470 16693
11 Borrowers 14490 14562
12 Margin/Security Money in Rs. Lakh 0 0
  Loan Portfolio    
13 No. of loan disbursed in this month 1791 1879
14 No. of loan disbursed during the year 5827 15247
15 No. of Cumulative Loan Disbursed


16 Loan disbursement in this month in Rs. Lakh 339.44 357.51
17 Loan disbursement during the year in Rs. Lakh 1186.71 2772.94
18 Cumulative Loan disbursement in Rs. Lakh 13890.83 12704.12
19 Loan Outstanding in Rs. Lakh (Own portfolio) 1589.42 1589.47
20 Amt of loan repayment due in this year 1186.97 2406.44
21 Amt of loan repayment received in this year 1186.76 2396.39
  Portfolio Quality    
22 Average Loan Size in Rs. 20365 18186
23 Repayment Rate (%) 99.98% 99.58%
24 No. of Loan per Credit Officer 453 485
25 Amount of Loan per Credit Officer in Rs. Lakh 49.66 52.98
  Bank Loan Information    
26 Bank Loan received during the year in Rs.lakh 650.00 1012.50


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Even after circumspect vigilance and conscious effort to ensure excellence, it is not always possible to rule out the operational flaws. Inadvertent flaws can make our customers pestered and grievance may crop up within them.

Hence with utmost sensitivity and empathetic approach we have developed a resilient mechanism of addressing any probable grievance ventilated by the customers . The different aspects of the grievance redressal mechanism are enumerated below :

a.) We have installed Complain Box in our Head Office & Branches for receiving any written complaint lodged by the clients.

b.) We have also introduced a help line number (033)65486901 through which the clients can establish communication with H.O. Our HRD official maintain a comprehensive register to ensure meticulous documentation of all the complaints received from the clients wither directly or through the field level staff .

c.) If any corrective action is initiated then the time and maneuver of the action also gets documented.

d.) We have appointed one of our Directors as the responsible officer-in charge for mitigation of grievance.

e.)Our R.M & Operational Manager visit in a branch on a weekly & monthly basis for executing the task of monitoring & problem diagnosis. If they trace out any operational flaw ,which has made the customers troubled, then immediately a corrective intervention gets engineered to assuage the problem of the clients.

f.) We also arrange monthly management meeting in H.O. where grievance of the field staff & clients are discussed with due gravity. Strategies get instantaneously formulated for ensuring the mitigation of the problems.

We hope that through our proactive approach we shall be able to satisfy our customers and deescalate the probability of any sort of grievance-crystallization within their mind.

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Customer Care related inqueries may be directed to our toll free No.

telephone-icon  (033) 6548-6901

Seba Rahara